Carbon and Nutrient Fluxes in Continental Margins: A Global Synthesis.

Editors: Kon-Kee Liu, Larry Atkinson, Renato Quinones, Liana Talaue-McManus (2008) Springer-Verlag New York

Preface (Mackenzie)

Introduction (KK Liu and others)



Part I. Background, Goals & Perspectives

1. Biogeochemistry of continental margins in a global context (KK Liu and others).

Part II. Regional Syntheses

2. Eastern Boundary Currents
2.1 Overview of Eastern Boundary Currents (Quinones and others). See Section Sketch (155 kB)
2.2. The California Current System: Northern and Central California Coasts (Pennington, Chavez and others).
2.3. The Humboldt Current System (Quinones and others).
2.4. The Benguela Current System (Monteiro).
(2.4.-Box PCO2 in the Benguela Current (Santana-Casiano and González-Dávila and others).
2.5. The Northwest Africa Margin (Fischer and others).
2.6. Iberian Margin: the Rías (Álvarez–Salgado and others).
3. Western Boundary Currents
3.1. Overview of Western Boundary Currents (Atkinson and others).
3.2. Kuroshio and the East China Sea (KK Liu and others).
3.3. The Gulf Stream (Jahnke and Blanton).
3.4. The Brazil Current (Marone, and others).
3.5. The East Australian Current (Cresswell and Tilbrook).
4. Indian Ocean Margins
4.1. Overview of the Indian Ocean Margins (Naqvi).
4.2. North Indian Ocean Margins (Naqvi and others).
4.3. The Agulhas Current (Baird).
4.4. The Leeuwin Current (Ming Feng, Karen Wild-Allen).
5. Subpolar Margins
5.1. Overview of Subpolar Margins (Sharples).
5.2. The Northeast Atlantic Margins (Huthnance).
5.3. The Northwest Atlantic Continental Shelf(Townsend and Ellis).
5.4. The Southwestern Atlantic Margins (Marcovecchio and others).
5.5. The Southern Chilean Margin (Pantoja and others).
5.6. The New Zealand Continental Margins (Zeldis and others).
5.7. The Northwest Pacific Margin (Whitledge).
6. Polar Margins
6.1. Overview of Cross-Shelf Carbon Exchanges in Polar Margins (W. Smith).
6.2. The Arctic Ocean (MacDonald and others).
6.3. The Ross Sea (Catalano and others).
6.4. The Antarctic Margins (W. Smith and others).
7. The Marginal Seas
7.1. Overview of the Marginal Seas (Chen).
7.2. The Baltic Sea (Thomas and others).
7.3. The North Sea (Thomas and others).
7.4. The Black Sea and the Turkish Straits System (Oguz and Tugrul).
7.5. The Mediterranean Sea: The Shelf-Slope System (Durrieu de Madron and others).
7.6. The Japan/East Sea (Kang, Kim and others).
7.7. The Okhotsk Sea (Andreev and Pavlova).
7.8. Mississippi River Plume and the Adjacent Margin in the Gulf of Mexico (Cai and Lohrenz).
8. Tropical Margins
8.1. Overview of Tropical Margins (Brunskill).
8.2. The Tropical-Subtropical Brazilian Margin (Jennerjahn and others).
8.3. The Amazon Shelf (Smoak).
8.4. The Amazon Plume (Koertzinger).
8.5. The Cariaco Basin: the CARIACO Time-Series (Muller-Karger and others).
8.6. The South China Sea (KK Liu and others).
8.7. Tropical Coastal Seas of Australia and Papua New Guinea (Brunskill and others.
8.8. Flux of Neritic Calcium Carbonate from Tropical Margins (Opdyke).

Part III. Arising Issues and New Approaches

9. Examining Human Impacts on Global Biogeochemical Cycling via the Coastal Zone and Ocean Margins (Talaue-McManus).
10. Si Transformations Along the Land-Ocean-Continuum: Implications for the Global Carbon Cycle (Ragueneau and others.
11. Submarine Groundwater Discharge and Associated Nutrient Fluxes to the Coastal Ocean (Kim and Swarzenski).
12. Coupled Circulation-Biogeochemical Models to Estimate Carbon Flux (Moisan).

Part IV. Cross Boundary Fluxes, Global Synthesis and Outlook

13. Cross Boundary Exchanges of Carbon and Nitrogen in the Marginal Seas (Chen).
14. Carbon-Nitrogen-Phosphorus Fluxes in the Coastal Zone: The LOICZ Approach to Global Assessment (Smith, Talaue-McManus and others).
15. Sediment and Carbon Accumulation on Continental Shelves (Gao).
16. Global Synthesis (Jahnke).
17. Global Change and Future Research in Continental Margins (Talaue-McManus).