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      Chp 1. Biogeochemistry of continental margins in a global context


      Chp 2. Eastern Boundary Currents


      Chp 3. Western Boundary Currents


      Chp 4. Indian Ocean Margins


      Chp 5. Subpolar Margins


      Chp 6. Polar Margins


      Chp 7. The Marginal Seas


      Chp 8. Tropical Margins


      Chp 9. Examining Human Impacts on Global Biogeochemical Cycling Via the Coastal Zone and Ocean Margins


      Chp 10. Si transformations along the Land-Ocean-Continuum: Implications for the Global Carbon


      Chp 11. Submarine Groundwater Discharge and Associated Nutrient Fluxes to the Coastal Ocean


      Chp 12. Coupled Circulation-Biogeochemical Models to Estimate Carbon Flux


      Chp 13. Cross Boundary Exchanges of Carbon and Nitrogen in the Marginal Seas


      Chp 14. Carbon-Nitrogen-Phosphorus Fluxes in the Coastal Zone: The LOICZ Approach to Global Assessment


      Chp 15. Sediment and Carbon Accumulation on Continental Shelves


      Chp 16. Global Synthesis

          Appendix A. Technical supports
          Appendix B. A guide to future research