Web Based Electronic Supplements

C.1. Electronic Reference Libraries
  The references cited by all contributions in the book are lumped together in a single reference section in order to save space. However, individual reference sections are available in electronic form. A downloadable MS Word® file and a pdf file of references for every contribution in the book are provided on the web site. The files of citations of all contributions in this book are also available.
C.2. Electronic Glossary: Acronyms, Abbreviations and Terminology
  The Electronic Glossary includes acronyms and abbreviations commonly used in this book. It also includes brief explanations of important scientific terms used in the book. Suggestions for new entries may be submitted by the Feedback Method (See Section C.7).
C.3. Colored Version of Some Figures
  Some of the figures in the book are originally colored but printed in black and white or grey tone in the printed version to reduce the printing cost. The colored version of those are available as downloadable pdf files on the web.
C.4. Bathymetric Maps of Continental Margins
  A series of 103 colored bathymetric maps are available as downloadable files for almost all continental margins in the world. They may be used for teaching or research purposes, especially targeted for future continental margin studies. The maps are provided in three formats: pdf format, JPEG graphic files and postscript files. The color bars in vertical or horizontal style for the depth scales are available as separate files.
C.5. Errata
  Despite careful editing errors may still occur in the book. Corrections to the errors will be posted on the web site as soon as they are discovered. All readers are encouraged to submit errors found in the book by the Feedback Method (See Section C.7).
C.6. Additional Electronic Resources
  In order to advance our understanding of biogeochemical cycles in continental margins more efforts are still needed. The very last part of the book is designated as an open field for the instalment of electronic resources to assist future research. The resources include future research plans and suggestions or recommended further readings on continental margin biogeochemistry. Readers are encouraged to provide suggestions on materials for posting by the Feedback Channel (See Section C.7).
C.7. Feedback Channel
  Please provide comments or suggestions or report errors about the book or the web pages by sending messages to <continental.margins@gmail.com>. The provided information will be used to update the book web pages at <http://cmtt.pangaea.de/>.